All things M1GO and the Beauty of Monsters

All things M1GO and the Beauty of Monsters

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gold Giant Kanegon at Beams Tokyo CultuArt

Just arrived at Beams Tokyo CultuArt in Harajuku! Now I just need another 126,000 yen and I would be pretty happy. If you have the money call or get there soon, not sure how many are available!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

M1号 Exhibition at Beams Tokyo CultuArt

Since I wrote about that Biollante I thought I would post something about the exhibition, it was last summer and the main theme was the 100 different custom Hedorah that Yuji did for the event, all were for sale at regular retail price of 5,250 yen. It was a great chance to see alot of the figures M1GO has done over the years too. And I blew a load of money and got the giant size pink GID Kanegon so i was pretty happy to say the least. Now click on the mushroom riding a trike and see the picts!

M1号 Biollante at Last Years Exhibition

One year later I am finally getting around to writing something about this toy, best part is I don't really have much to say as there really isn't much to say other than it really needs to get made for the masses! Ok, I did hear a few years back that it might be made but so far it hasn't happened. Biollante by M1号 is way to little represented, there has only been one actual release and even though that was a beauty there needs to me more, everything else has been insanely hard to get prize items, especially that GID painted version set I have seen in 2 different colorways but always thought there was just one and the unpainted! Also the really pretty painted yellow one and I would just be happy if I could get an unpainted yellow. But anyway, the only other thing I can tell you is that this sample is painted different on each side and I am greedy about M1号 so I hope if its a sample and not meant to be that way they do both! I need more Biollante so if you have the GID set with the Goji it was my birthday a couple weeks ago so you can send it to me and I will bake you some cookies and send you a card to say thanks too.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Red GMK Soukougeki Goji

GMK Soukougeki Goji
Originally uploaded by Baikin
This is definitely in my top 5 for all M1GO figures, from the sheer size alone this toy rules and when you add the gorgeous paint and the detail of the sculpt there are few other sofubi toys that come near it. This figure was never for sale, it was a kinda of give away lottery from a few years ago by direct mail from M1GO. If I remember right for every 25,000 yen or so you would get a free special figure, this was one of 9 different prizes that were able to be won, I spent about 60,000 yen and got the Titano bank set and the purple Gaira, I was really hoping for one of the two GMK but it wasnt to be. Luckily after waiting a while this red guy finally made its way to my collection and it is one of my favorites. I love just taking it out and staring at it, the heft of it for a standard figure is hard to believe. No joke, I think if you hit someone with it you could knock them out. There is another thing about this figure that I really like, its made out of a very thin feeling vinyl which is unusal for M1GO, but it takes nothing away from the toy, its just so strange to me as all the M1GO sofubi are rock hard. Hopefully I can ask someday why it was made this way but until then I will go back to staring at it.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I need to post again, sorry!

For all the millions I know that visit this blog I will post more later, please be patient, with my situation at work and some things that have happened to friends and family its been hard to get a chance to do something over here. Hopefully I can get some stuff up soon!