All things M1GO and the Beauty of Monsters

All things M1GO and the Beauty of Monsters

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Red GMK Soukougeki Goji

GMK Soukougeki Goji
Originally uploaded by Baikin
This is definitely in my top 5 for all M1GO figures, from the sheer size alone this toy rules and when you add the gorgeous paint and the detail of the sculpt there are few other sofubi toys that come near it. This figure was never for sale, it was a kinda of give away lottery from a few years ago by direct mail from M1GO. If I remember right for every 25,000 yen or so you would get a free special figure, this was one of 9 different prizes that were able to be won, I spent about 60,000 yen and got the Titano bank set and the purple Gaira, I was really hoping for one of the two GMK but it wasnt to be. Luckily after waiting a while this red guy finally made its way to my collection and it is one of my favorites. I love just taking it out and staring at it, the heft of it for a standard figure is hard to believe. No joke, I think if you hit someone with it you could knock them out. There is another thing about this figure that I really like, its made out of a very thin feeling vinyl which is unusal for M1GO, but it takes nothing away from the toy, its just so strange to me as all the M1GO sofubi are rock hard. Hopefully I can ask someday why it was made this way but until then I will go back to staring at it.

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