All things M1GO and the Beauty of Monsters

All things M1GO and the Beauty of Monsters

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

M1号 Biollante at Last Years Exhibition

One year later I am finally getting around to writing something about this toy, best part is I don't really have much to say as there really isn't much to say other than it really needs to get made for the masses! Ok, I did hear a few years back that it might be made but so far it hasn't happened. Biollante by M1号 is way to little represented, there has only been one actual release and even though that was a beauty there needs to me more, everything else has been insanely hard to get prize items, especially that GID painted version set I have seen in 2 different colorways but always thought there was just one and the unpainted! Also the really pretty painted yellow one and I would just be happy if I could get an unpainted yellow. But anyway, the only other thing I can tell you is that this sample is painted different on each side and I am greedy about M1号 so I hope if its a sample and not meant to be that way they do both! I need more Biollante so if you have the GID set with the Goji it was my birthday a couple weeks ago so you can send it to me and I will bake you some cookies and send you a card to say thanks too.

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